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Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Why Choose Us...

The delivery of Sports Massage at our clinic is highly specialised.  All our practitioners have advanced training to degree level.  Ruth has 20 years of clinical experience and amongst her portfolio she has many current GB athletes as regular clients and has treated international athletes, both in the UK and abroad.

We are also HCPC registered which means we are regulated practitioners that have to achieve a high standard to be on this register.   Be aware many practitioners are not regulated and unfortunately courses exist where someone can do a very short course and be free to are safe in our hands.

Sports massage is for the active person or competitive sports person.  Treatments can be pre- or post- competition or heavy training.  It is used to promote, aid and enhance recovery from exercise and exertion, which in turn helps to prevent injury, improve competitive performance and maintain quality during training sessions.

The use of our muscles during activity and exercise can lead to the formulation of muscle fibre adhesions, muscle spasm or muscular over-activity, scar tissue, and areas of congestion.  All of this will impair muscle function and therefore power, performance, and flexibility.  Over time, if these issues remain untreated, the body will start to develop compensations and altered movement patterns which lead to pain, and eventually injury. It is not until we feel pain or an injury occurs that we realise that there is a problem.  Sports massage is a regular MOT for the active body to prevent a breakdown.

Sports massage is recommended every 1-3 weeks for heavy training, and every 3-6 weeks for moderate training and injury prevention.   You will learn to read your body over time with these treatments to enable understanding as to what frequency of treatment suits you and how soon you require treatment pre- or post-competition/training.

Our sports massage treatments are very specialist and comprise of an advanced combination of deep tissue massage, stretching, trigger-point treatment, myofascial release, and other soft-tissue release techniques, along with advice on exercises and self-help between treatments.


Reduced pain and discomfort

Decreased risk of injury

Early identification of potential injury and muscular problems

Faster recovery from exercise, activity, or training

Enhanced sporting performance

Fewer aches and pains

Increased flexibility

Removal of toxins produced by activity

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue (also known as remedial massage) is for anyone that suffers from muscular pain, tension, and knots. It is a deep massage that focuses on the treatment of problem areas. Regular treatments stop or prevent the recurrence of these problems. A course of treatment is often needed to get long-term change in the muscular system as many problems are long-standing and chronic and the muscular and nervous system need time to adapt to treatment process. Many people with recurrent back/neck problems, or who have jobs with repetitive activities, sustained postures, or heavy manual handling seek treatment every 4-6 weeks to manage their symptoms once the initial course of treatment is completed.


· Reduced pain and discomfort

· Increased flexibility

· Deep relaxation and reduced stress

· Removal of toxins and lymphatic drainage

· Boost immune system

· Better quality of sleep


30 mins £30

45 mins £40

60 mins £47

75 mins £56

What our customers are saying

"I felt relief after the first visit & much improved after the second visit. I am very pleased with the professionalism & quality of the treatment"

J. Green

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