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Small Group Beginners & Intermediate -

Mat Work Pilates

We love the quality and support our Small Group Classes bring to Mat Work Pilates.  Suitable for anyone who wants to begin their Pilates journey with us at Belper Pilates Studio...there are so many places to go once you have grasped the basics!  For some, people this may take only a few blocks of teaching and others it may take longer...and some just enjoy the low key relaxed session and choose not to move on - however ambitious you are - come and join us!

These sessions have only 4-10 people, either in our small therapy suite studio or our larger mirrored studio.


Beginners Mat Work: 

Who is it for?...For those who:

- Are total beginners.

- Have some experience but wish to go over the basics and perfect their technique.

- Have been to other classes but have had little feedback and did not grasp it.

- In the past, attended larger classes but want more help.

- Lack confidence, have anxiety, or don't like large spaces.

- Worry about being able to 'keep up'.

- Have had injuries and need extra monitoring for safety and injury prevention.

- Have existing Health issues and need exercises to be modified as we go along.

We always recommend a 1-2-1 session prior to attending any of our sessions to go into all the details and teach you about your body, posture, problem areas, and compensations.  This is an hour @ £46.  It is not compulsary but well worth it!!

Intermediate Mat Work:

Who is it for?...

These sessions are accessible by those who have completed our Small Group Beginners classes and have reached a certain level. quality, and ability.  If we offer you these at the end of your Beginners Course WELL DONE!!  You are then ready to move up.  If you have attended a lot of Pilates before and haven't done our Beginners Courses and wish to access this course please get in touch and we can arrange to assess you and book you in if we feel you are ready.


Getting The Basics Right...

In 2018 we introduced our Small Group Mat Work Classes.  We wanted people to understand the Pilates method and get the basics right.  These groups are limited to 4-8 people so everyone gets the support, help, and hands-on feedback they require.  

The larger studio sessions may not suit everyone due to confidence, ability, sight, hearing, injury or pain etc therefore these sessions are enjoyed by many that may have felt lost in a larger group.

We offer 6-week beginners courses and we assess progression and ability through these sessions.  Once people have achieved a certain level we will offer you our small group Intermediate 6-week courses.

Click on the  Learn More Button above to visit our Current Courses Page to see our upcoming course dates and how to book.

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